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Student Evaluations

  1. "I have learned so much throughout this class. She makes the lectures very engaging and allows plenty of discussion time. I thoroughly enjoyed this class, and have truly taken so much material away and have been able to apply it in several areas of my life when engaging with children. Very pleased with this instructor and course"

  2. "Professor Michaela was a very responsive and thoughtful professor, and she always listened to everyone's needs and thoughts within our class time and I think that is something really rare in a college environment. I've learned so much about development and theories through her class, and Im very thankful that I got the opportunity to have her as my professor. She is very engaging and personable, so I think she is a one of a kind professor in my opinion."

  3. "Professor Quintero is a phenomenal educator! I love how she sticks to the syllabus and does kahoot and other study exercises in class to help us remember the material!"

  4. "This was my favorite class this semester. She was very aware of the students needs in learning, and met those needs however she could."

  5. "Best professor I've ever had. Great time in class and she made me want to learn the material, you could really tell she cared about us and what she was teaching. "

  6. "I loved this course. Professor Quintero made the class fun, and I enjoyed attending it every week. I definitely had an easy time learning because of Professor Quintero."

  7. "Michaela Quintero truly cares for her students and wants them to succeed."

  8. "Amazing instructor! Very understanding and flexible. Easy to listen to her lecture."

  9. "I enjoyed this class a lot very engaging and getting to interact with group talk and with the professor!"

  10. "The instructor made use of group discussions and provided helpful activities to help learn material."

Faculty Evaluations

  1. "I observed Michaela Quintero as a guest lecturer for my class, HDFS 3316: Development in Adolescence. She presented on 'Academic Processes' and focused on one assigned research article and two of her published research articles regarding the topic.

Michaela's pleasant tone, warm demeanor, and thoughtful pace promoted student attention, engagement, and interest in course content. All students participated in the class activities and gave full attention to the lecture and taking notes. She even posed a scenario for student's to fully immerse themselves in the course content, leading to student laughter and greater rapport. Michaela not only engaged students in the classroom, but also students attending Zoom through scanning the chat box and incorporating their ideas into the discussion.

Michaela provided clear definitions of concepts covered during class, and importantly, vivid examples to illustrate these concepts in real-life scenarios. She also provided various terms, phrases, and examples to optimize comprehension of course material. Michaela's presentation slides were very appropriate for student learning, such that text was minimal yet conveyed essential information accompanied by verbal elaborations and examples. Of note, Michaela included slides with a variety of information from definitions, figures, questions, and activities, which was optimal to reach a range of learning types. She also made excellent use of presentation materials by clearly explaining how to interpret all of the information.

Michaela utilized different activities to facilitate student engagement across the entire lecture. Fist, she used "Think, Pair, Share" several times during the class. She gave clear instructions to complete each session and which specific questions to discuss. Michaela asked engaging questions to encourage student reflection and open sharing, and thoughtfully posed more specific questions to guide student reflection. It is clear that she is very attuned to student cues to guide her teaching strategies. Second, she used research tasks from her own research as fun activities for the students to complete to demonstrate course concepts.

Michaela presented complex research findings at an appropriate level for student comprehension, and provided several real-world implications of the topics. Her examples included research findings, scenarios students could identify with, and her own experiences in educational contexts. Not only did she discuss the applications of this work, but also the research design and interpretation of analyses, and why those aspects of research matter. Her in-depth discussion provided rich layers of what this type of research looks like for researchers and the participants.

Michaela's teaching effectiveness is beyond what one would expect of a graduate student. She has already developed a distinct warm, engaging, and structured teaching identity that captivates student attention, engagement, and comprehension of course material. Furthermore, her ability to clearly convey research to achieve course objectives is impressive, providing students with meaningful take-aways both in knowledge and practice."

~ Christy Rogers, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University


  1. "Michaela was at least 10 minutes early preparing to begin class. She started class on time by welcoming the students, providing a recap of the previous class, reminding students of due dates for the assignments and quizzes, and asking if there were any questions about the previous materials. She then provided an overview of what would be covered in class during that period. She spoke clearly and slowly and was easy to hear and understand. Her slides are well-designed, including a combination of texts, pictures, graphs, and flow charts, which makes it easy to follow. In addition to lectures, she used video examples, small-group activities, and whole-class discussion to discuss and apply concepts. She pauses multiple times during class to check on students' understanding by asking if they have questions/comments. In her lectures, she used a lot of examples to demonstrate abstract concepts. She also often referred to materials learned in previous sessions to help students integrate knowledge learned in different chapters. Her students were highly engaged. They were attentive and took notes. They eagerly participated in class discussions and shared their thoughts throughout the entire class. It is clear that Michaela was very prepared for class, very knowledgeable, and truly enjoys teaching. I really enjoyed my time in her class! Excellent class Michaela!"

~ Zhe Wang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University