Highlighted First-Authored Research Posters

SRA 2022_Mediating Role of Math Achievement_20220211

The Mediating Role of Math Achievement on Math Motivation and Parental Involvement

SRA 2022

Multidimensionality of MA and Engagement on Achievement_Quintero

The Association Between Math Anxiety and Engagement: A Multi-Dimensional Examination

SRCD 2021

SECC Poster Competition_Goal Structure

The Relation Between Family Socioeconomic Status and Academic Achievement Trajectories: The Moderating Role of Classroom Goal Structures

SRCD 2021

Grad Poster_Final

Predicting Behavioral Differences in Math Achievement: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

SRA 2020

Mentored Undergraduate Research Posters

Official URC Poster_MQ edits_ZWEdits20220322

Math Anxiety and Math Achievement: The Mediating Role of Math Motivation

SRA 2022_research poster_20220213_FINAL

Learning Effort, Extracurricular Activity Participation, and Homework Behaviors Among Students with Math Anxiety


Mechanisms that Contribute to Change in Math Anxiety Levels